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Required SSL support!

The domain of the game (getconversions.ru) have to support SSL.
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If you don't have SSL support please contact with your host provider!

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Required settings

Item Required Current
PHP version 5.3 or higher 7.4.8
Safe Mode off off
Enable cURL on on
File Uploading on on
Maximum Upload File Size 2M or more 1047527424
POST Form Maximum Size 2M or more 1047527424
MySQL Support yes on
Writable bin/configuration.php yes yes
Writable bin/lib/user_count.txt yes yes
Writable install directory yes yes
Writable cache directory yes yes
Writable images/custom directory yes yes

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Facebook config

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For advertising please use this URL:
In this way mobile users will redirected to the mobile versions and Facebook users will redirected to Facebook version.

Add game to your Website!

Embed game via iframe :
<iframe width="810" height="500" src="https://getconversions.ru/" frameBorder="0"></iframe>

Admin URL :

You can reach admin via Facebook:

Tips to improve your App experience:

  • Translate application to your language! Modify texts in bin/configuration.php file.
  • We defined a general Terms and conditions for users. You can edit the template file: rules.html.
    Please don't modify variables between {}.

Game settings

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